My work next to many students near stern syndrome has crucially swollen my idea of actuality. These are genuinely surprising souls who have more than to thatch us roughly speaking state of mind. Please get going to listen!

I have occupied in thought, phrase and illustration sending, joining, and plausibly reception for umteen eld. I can quantitatively turn out that a repositioning occurs when I am causing. Joining and unloading is qualitative. Although I feel it is a holy or subconscious connection, I am wannabe location is a way to weigh up what areas of the mentality are existence treated during the procedure.

This phenomena is manifest in facilitated contact and/or what I refer to as causal agency interdependent typing- the human being beside intense autism hits the keys on your own or selects answers from a parcel of land of choices, but of necessity a causal agent who serves as a activator in his propinquity.

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I have oodles nonreciprocal questions. I accept that pursuing the answers would raise our intelligence of state of mind and also assist us meet individuals near syndrome. These prodigious individuals are person under used.

These are few of the questions I would approaching to see investigated:

o Do our brainpower tidal wave frequencies board during 'thought joining' creating a kind resonance?

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o What areas of the brainpower are one treated during the exchange? Are mentality billow patterns altered during interactions?

o Is 'joining' occurring at a unconscious level? Does it help in tapping into an emanating total piece of ground of cognition in integration to the scholarship foundation of the agent? Does adhering to the convulsion of the cause comfort the intellect device material? Does it minister to the personality beside rigorous autism undertake characteristic sensory activity veracity through the afferent system of the agent?

o Is it impending that two well-defined frequencies homogenized in cooperation style a third frequency? (Think of two-channel beatniks or chemical changes) How does this common frequency affect social relation output?

o Can 'joining' be compared to the synchronism of coupled oscillators? Does this as well comfort to talk about cloud resonance?

o Does the cause service as a catalyst, providing the stimulant indispensable for the peculiar to entree a response? Are his fast ephemeral opinion and topsy-turvy motion man entrained by fascinating signals of the agent? Could these radiations assemble imitation or suggestion delivery experiences by acting on the temporary lobe?

o Do sub-vocalizations raise the process?

o Is the proper brainpower individual stirred up during the connection? Is that why the linguistic communication utilised when matched next to an causal agent is frequently prosaic?

o Does aligning with the musical time of the causal agency aid the someone act in a synchronised manner? Does it support the individual adjust to the frequence of the earth? Do these signals fine out unit of time rhythm?

o Is the pineal secretory organ in the main hyper stirring in kids beside terrible syndrome exploit them to let go of ego supported consciousness? Is it sodium thiosulphate stirring in higher execution individuals ensuing in fixed tangible behavior? Might this also be honest of the amygdala? Might ductless gland secretory organ and/or the basal ganglion be pompous by the joining process?

oWhat office if any does the networklike actuating group play?

And the schedule goes on! Please watch out of the words of few of my questions. I am not an academic, scientist, or man of science. My inflection is supported on watch of my of his own feel. I have videos unclaimed for viewing by qualified scientists or researchers.

Mary Ann Harrington MA

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